How to Order

Get a LINK SIM card - JET programme Special!

We offer specialized SIM Card and Wifi rental plans for JET Programme participants. This is a speedy way to get a SIM Card and Wifi in Japan and get off to a good start as a new JET! With many providers, it often takes a week or more for a SIM Card to be delivered when ordering from an online shop, but with our LINK SIM, if you reserve online, we will arrange for your SIM card to be delivered upon arrival! *Wifi will be delivered after directly to your address

Easy Steps!

Step 1. Reservation

Please make your reservation by 5:00pm of July 18th for Shedule A, July 25th for Shedule B and August 8th for Shedule C 2019 (JST) on our site. Please sign up first and then choose the SIM or Wifi plan that is best for you.

Step 2. Confirmation

You will get an e-mail from us for confirmation.
The place will be at your Tokyo orientation place (Keio Plaza Hotel) and pick-up time will be 10:00am - 8:00pm. *Place might change for Schedule C participants

Step 3. Pick up

Please pick up the SIM Card at Keio Plaza Hotel between 10:00am - 8:00pm. Our friendly English-speaking staff will meet you there.

Please bring your Resident card when you receive SIM Card and we will take a photo of the card’s surface. Please send us a photo of the card’s back surface when you get the address printed later. *Please show up with your residence card even if you apply for Wifi only