Mega-Plan (50GB)

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Mega-Plan - 9,280 yen+tax/mo

【What you’ll get】
・A real Japanese number
・Unlimited domestic calls & texts
・Fact data connectivity
・Payment at convenience stores - no credit card needed
・Keep your current phone

Our SIM cards operate on a 4G-LTE major carrier network. Strong & Fast nationwide.

Monthly payments can be done at major convenience stores (7-11, Lawson, Family Mart, etc.). Simply show the bill at the cash register.

*Intl calling or texts are not possible
*3,000 yen (tax excluded) costs for initial set-up

*Please check the regulatory settings on your smartphone and make sure that the phone has the Japan regulatory certification. On an iPhone, you can find this by going to Settings > General > Regulatory. On an Android device go to Settings > About Phone > Legal Information. Please make sure your phone is compatible with the softbank network.