Q : Are domestic calls completely unlimited?

A : Basically it is, but you cannot make phone calls to some specific numbers including 0570, 0180, 104, etc and more.

Q : How do I know if my device will be compatible with the SIM Card?

A : Generally, if you have an “unlocked” modern smartphone, not tied to an active contract with another carrier (including in your home country or Japan), it should be compatible with the SIM Card. We are unable to give any indication about the compatibility of the SIM Card with a tablet device. Also, please check the regulatory settings on your smartphone and make sure that the phone has the Japan regulatory certification. On an iPhone, you can find this by going to Settings > General > Regulatory. On an Android device go to Settings > About Phone > Legal Information. Please make sure your phone is compatible with the softbank network.

Q : Will my contract remain the same length if i sign up for the plan and decided to switch to another plan later on?

A : If you change the plan mid-contract, the total term will still be the same.

Q : Can I use a credit card?

A : We’re afraid you cannot. Automatic bank deduction is the only method available for now.

Q : Do I have to pay the initial cost?

A : Yes, the initial cost is 3,000(+tax) per device yen and it will be charged to the first payment.

Q : What happens if I use more than fixed data limit?

A : Data speed will be decreased to (maximum)128kbps. If you change plans before the 20th of the month (Weekday before the 20th if it’s on a weekend), the new plan will apply from next month.

Q : Does it cost extra to make phone calls?(There are exceptions)

A : No, it’s free to make domestic calls. However, you cannot make international calls.

Q : Can I transfer my number using MNP? (Mobile Number Portability)

A : Unfortunately, as your contract is through a 3rd-party (LINK Mobile), SoftBank would be unable to issue the MNP to you personally as you would be considered a new customer.

Q : How can I check remaining capacity?

A : You cannot check it at this website, so please keep track of your use other means as an app or the native data use function of your device

Q : If I don’t use all the data in a month, can I use that left data next month?

A : There is no carryover.

Q : Can I send and receive SMS/MMS (Short/Medium Message Service)

A : Only between SoftBank cellular devices. Please use a messaging app (such as Line, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger) for messaging other providers.
If you send SMS/MMS to non-SoftBank cellular devices there is a hefty charge per message.

Q : Why is the price so reasonable?

A : We are able to offer reasonable plans because they are limited plans for international professionals. Our mission is to achieve a more meaningful society through Cross-Cultural-Design so that international professionals can live in Japan comfortably leveraging the differences between Japan and their own country as strengths.

Q : Can I use the phone in my home country?

A : Not for voice or data communication. The device may be used on Wi-Fi.

Q : What happens in case of breakage/loss? Or when I want to cancel the plan?

A : Please contact Contact Us from here.

Q : How much does it cost if the SIM breaks and needs to be replaced?

A : It costs 3,000(+tax) yen to change unless it’s defective.

Q : What happens if I lose it?

A : You will need to pay 3,000(+tax) yen to get a new one.

Q : Does it cost to change plans?

A : Please remember it costs 3,000(+tax) yen.

Q : How long is the term of the contract?

A : It is a one year contract

Q : Can I change data plans?

A : Yes, however the change does not become effective until at least the first day of the following calendar month. The request for the change must be made before the 20th day of the month (or the preceding business day when the 20th day is a holiday) by notifying LJC by the communication methods specified in the Schedule of Service and Agreement. The change shall be applied from the beginning of the next calendar month.

Q : Can I take the SIM Card or my device to a SoftBank shop if I need help?

A : No, please contact us from here.

Q : Is it free if I cancel on the first month of the contract?

A : A cancellation fee will be charged.

Q : Is there an installment plan for paying off fees?

A : No. Any fees will be charged on the month they occur.

Q : Is there a notice before going over the monthly data limit?

A : Yes. A text message will be sent to the phone when 200MB of data remain in a month.

Q : Can I use the SIM Card in my home country?

A : No. You will need to get a local SIM Card for your device or use Wi-Fi.

Q : How do I terminate the contract?

A : You can terminate the contract from Contact Us form on the website. Please note you need to contact us before the 20th day of the month (or the preceding business day when the 20th day is a holiday) to cancel the contract from the next month. You may choose the day for cancellation to occur. Even if cancellation occurs in the middle of the month, you will still be charged for the remainder of that billing period.

Q : What happens if I cancel before the end of a one year contract?

A : Please be forewarned that you need to pay a cancellation fee(9,500yen+tax for SIM / 19,500yen+tax for Wifi for each) when you cancel the contract before the end of a one year contract.

Q : Do I get Japanese phone number?

A : Yes, you will get a Japanese phone number with our SIM card. With a Japanese phone number, you can also make calls to 110 (police) or 119 (fire & ambulance) without any problems.

Q : Will the Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) system work with this SIM card?

A : The Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) may not work with this SIM card installed in a device purchased outside Japan, however, you can get EEW via various disaster warning apps (Yahoo, etc.)


Q : Can I use tethering?


A : Unfortunately, you cannot use tethering with our plans.

Q : Can I use Voicemail?

A : Voicemail function is not included in the plan.